Two people one truck — Freight Transport in Coffs Harbour, NSW
Established in 1989, Coastline Haulage is a locally owned and operated business out of Coffs Harbour, transporting freight between Brisbane and Sydney, and each suburb in between.

Our large fleet of vehicles, and our long-standing relationships with fixed sub-contractors, gives us the opportunity to handle all of your transport needs, from ongoing scheduled haulage to one-off deliveries. We go out of our way to do a great job for each and every client and hold ourselves to high standards to ensure we're always exceeding expectations.

At Coastline Haulage, we have a commitment to our customers. Each shipment that we handle is treated with great care to ensure that you—or your customer—receive the shipment in the same condition as it was given to us in. This commitment reduces delays in your business, as there's less wastage of supplies or need for replacing broken items.

We ensure the engines and mechanical aspects of our trucks are checked and maintained regularly to offer a dependable, safe and legally responsible service to our customers and the general public. This is a standard that we fiercely uphold, as we take a lot of pride in our fleet. Additionally, we believe that the better our trucks are looked after, the more reliable our service to our customers.

When on the highway, our trucks' outstanding signature colour and immaculate presentation make us a well-known standout amongst other vehicles. Not only that, many of our trucks have won awards at shows we've attended.

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We are fully accredited in the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS)–Mass Management Module, Basic Fatigue Management (BFM) and Maintenance. Our compliance number is NHVAS21053.

All of our vehicles over 4.5t GVM are compliant within the NHVAS, which is regulated by independent auditors and state-based government agencies. This system dictates our overall approach to vehicle maintenance.

This accreditation dictates a range of standards that our trucks need to meet in order to safely travel on the road. The accreditation standards require weight to be distributed evenly within the truck when filled, so as not to place unnecessary strain on suspension or braking systems. Maintaining these standards ensures our trucks are able to operate safely, and we make a point of meeting these standards in addition to completing regular, ongoing servicing and maintenance.